Half-track Personnel Carrier M3




Designation: M3 HalfTrack


Length w/Roller: 20' 2"

Contractor: Diamond T Motor Car Co.


Width: 6' 5"

Service Year: 1943


Height: 7' 5"

Type: Armored Personnel Carrier


Front Tread: 5' 4"

Crew: 3 + 10


Rear Tread: 5' 3"



Wheelbase: 135"



Ground Clearance: 11"

Powerplant: White 160AX 6-cylinder


Weight: Empty:15,000 lbs

Displacement: 386 CID


Weight: Combat: 20.000 lbs

Horsepower: 147@3000 RPM



Torque: 325 ft-lb@1200 RPM



Max Speed: 40 mph


Radiator Louvres: .25 inch

Fuel capacity: 60 Gal.


Hood Top: .25 inch

Range: 175 miles


Windshield Cover: .5 inch

Max Vertical Obstacle: 12"


Doors: .25 inch

Max Fording Depth: 32"


Sides: .25 inch

Max Grade: 60%


Rear: .25 inch





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 Unloading the halftracks

The M3 HalfTrack 

here the M3 is with live black berrys growing in the back.

this is another Me I got that had the front half of a Duce and half welded on to extend the frame (I guess)

I took the old cab of the duce and halftrack and installed a Crew Cab.



Rear View

View of the rear suspension and track

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View of engine compartment

View of engine compartment

View of Radiator guard opening and closing

Stuck in the mud

Stuck in the mud

Front suspension aliment

Rear suspension system

Rear Suspension and track

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