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Water and Electricity:

  The first two years in Anchorage we lived in the 8 x 36 foot trailer house. The first six months we had no running water or electricity, when we finally got electricity it was sure nice because we could only run the power plant a couple of hours a day. To get running water took a little longer we went until 1962 without any running water, we would take the passenger seat out of our VW bug and put this large plastic garbage can in the front and drive about 6 miles to a Chevron service station which had an outside water faucet and there we would fill the garbage can up and take it back home where we keep it in the living room next to a Kitchen counter that divided the kitchen and living room, That was our water supply for four years. I remember it being so cold in the trailer during the winter that there would be a quarter inch of ice on the top of the water in that garbage can and it was only about six feet from the oil heater which heated the whole trailer.


 The first well in 1962 was a hand dug hole about 12 feet deep in the corner of the basement we were starting to build. The idea was that with the well inside the basement it would not freeze up in the winter. Well the well only had water in it in the summer so freezing up in the winter was no big deal. We went on using the hand dug well even after we got the basement built in 1963. In 1964 dad even dug it a little deeper trying to get water year round but it still wasn't to good a water system. It was probably a good thing we didn't have water in the winter it would have been frozen up all the time.....


 Our real drilled well wasn't until 1965 when we built the upstairs onto our basement. Mom told dad if he didn't get a well drilled she would move to town, so we got a real well in 1965 what a difference having that well, water even in the winter what a great thing, indoor pluming and running water and with the new furnace he water only froze up a few times during the winter and all this modern technology only took us about seven years.



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