The Alaska Earth Quake:

Part 2

Going to get Dad:

  When our mom got home we hugged her and my sister still worrying about us getting into trouble said to mom "It was an earth quake that messed the house up not me and Pat fighting." Mom giggled and said "I know honey its OK." She looked around to make sure things would be OK and then told us we needed to get back into Anchorage to pick dad up at the TV store. It had taken her a lot longer to get home because where our TV store was located on the other side of Fish Creek which feed into Cook Inlet. and because that area was lower than The city of Anchorage the police were worried about a tidal wave coming in and catching people in that low area. So mom had to drive through the Air Force base and around the low area so she had an extra 20 miles to drive, besides having all the traffic lights out.

  On our way back into Anchorage you could see large cracks down the middle of the road and every where you looked it was dark. As we were riding back to get dad, mom was telling us that buildings had fallen down, lots of windows were broken out and some people were hurt but she did not know if anyone was killed or not. We were going to try and take the normal way back to the TV store but the police stopped us and said that 4th Ave. and C Street was gone so we could not get through that way, The police man said he didn't think they were stopping cars from driving in the low area along Fish Creek so if we could find a way round go ahead. So off we went around toward City View and down into the industrial area along Fish Creek and we found a way across the creek and up to Government Hill to our TV store and where Dad was.

  We finally got to the shop and when we went inside it was hard to imagine that was our TV store, there were TV sets all over the place, and hardly a shelf with anything on them it was all on the floor. Dad was trying to get the big objects up and out of the way so a person could even walk inside the door. After we were there only a few minutes Dad said we should get home there wasn't much we could do here in the dark. So we all loaded into the VW bug and headed home, back through a very dark Anchorage to our home.





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