The Alaska Earth Quake:

Part 3

Going Back Home:

  When we left the shop dad was driving and mom told him that she had a hard time getting through. Dad decited to go out through the Airforce base to get around Fish Creek. It was strange driving since there was no street lights or stop lights every thing was dark. We finaly made it through the base and we went out Muldon to Tudor Road and down to Seward Highway.

  We decited to stop by Piere and Judy Strong to see how they were since they were very good friends and only a couple of miles from our house on O'melly Road. We got to there house and every thing was dark except fpr a candle burning so we went in and they were trying to get some order to there house since it to was a shambles.

  We all decited to go to our house since with no electricty they had no heat and with snow on the ground it would get cold in there house. We had a fire place and that would keep us all warm. And since our well was a hand dug one in the corner of the utility room we would also have water. They loaded up there kids Cathy and Mike into there car and followed us to our house.

  We arived at our house and dad rounded up some coleman lanterns for lights and had me get some wood for the fire place. My mom picked up a few things and then we all settled down for the night. I remember my sister and I sleep under the pool table just in case.





Alaska Quake 2



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